Graduation Drive

Street Photo of a graduating students driving in Time Square NYC By NYC Photographer BABAK

Graduation drive through Time Square New York City – Photo BABAK


Low riders on Bleecker Street  in west village NYC  Photographed by NYC Street Photographer BABAK
Lowriders on Bleecker Street – West Village NYC Saturday Night Photo BABAK June 2018

NAHA Awards Mens Photoshoot

NAHA Awards Mens Collection Photo Shoot film
Photo Film Music Babak
HAir: Jamie DiGrazia
Wardrobe Stylist: Pascal and Jeremie
Makeup Artist: Marie-Laure Larrieu + Gwendoline Carly
Shot with the help of Team Redkin NYC & CHRIS BARRON

Tired Tourist

Street Photography of a Tired tourist In East Village NYC  - Photo By NYC Photographer BABAk

Photo BABAK – East Village NYC – the light makes this shot for me

1980s Toronto

Skyline of Toronto in the 1980's Photographed bt Toronto Photographer BABAK
I shot this city line Shot of Toronto around 1988 using a 300 mm f4 L canon lens on Chrome film- Shooting with slide film meant you had to get the lighting perfect, during that time I also started building my website and using the technologicnews hosting services. Photo © BABAK 2018

Art director

Alternative Head Shot on Photo shoot set - By NYC Photographer BABAk Shot In Atlanta

I shot this portrait of the Art director on set with the client in front. On set, BTS & head shots are just as important as the actual shots when doing a photo shoot – BABAK Photo Atlanta 2017

Man in dinner

Man having a meal in a Dinner at Jane & Bloor St Toronto - Photographed by BABAK Toronto YYZ Photographer iN Black and shite
Was having a tea waiting on some one in an old dinner in Toronto, usually you don’t get great tea but this one was good. TV was on, some stripper claiming she slept with the president when then I notice this well dressed man enjoying his meal. Fired a few shot when person I was waiting for had arrived and I had to leave. BABAK Photo May 2018 Toronto

NAHA Awards Color Finalist 2018

NAHA Awards Hair Color Finalist 2018 Photography BABAK NYC - Toronto  HAir FAshion

Hair Color Shoot for the NAHA Hair Photo Awards in LAs vegas – We shot this collection at Redken studios in NYC.
Images like these don’t just happen, they require expertise and great team work which makes for a great shoot day.
Tis images made the finals.
Photographer: BABAK
Hair Lori Zabel
Wardrobe Stylist: Pascal and Jeremie
Makeup Artist: Marie-Laure Larrieu + Gwendoline Carcaly

NAHA Mens Collection

NAHA 2018 Mens Category  Winner Photographed By BABAK NYC Hair Fashion Photographer

NAHA 2018 Mens Hair collection – finalist. The collection has a mix of textures and cuts yet they all share angles – I used a soft box at strange angles to light the collection at Redken NYC. Photography BABAK Hair Jamie DiGrazia

Hair Fashion Workshop

A short film of our 2 day work shop for master hairstylist in Atlanta.

Day 1 was in class theory / types of hair shoot / how to get great images from the shoot / ideas / model selection & on set tips.

Day2 was in studio photo shoot with Daniel Holzberger helping with the hair on set and guiding the participants while BABAK photographing the models and going over the images and how to improve your hair for photo shoot.

We had 10 advanced stylist participate and they paired up working on a model for the shoot. We shot a total of 5 models / some with different hair looks .

It was a learning experience. The experts showed us all kinds of neat tips that you could do relatively easily for some wild hair, and really good looking hairstyles as well. Special thanks to the folks over at hair to ware as well for showing us some pretty interesting wig tips that can cut down on your prep time if you set it up ahead of time. We’re probably going to be using wigs in some of our future projects since there are some things you can do with them that can be a lot more complicated to realize with real hair and the model having to deal with the extensive hair and makeup time. Getting your hair pulled on for over an hour while you can’t move much will affect how you do your job as a model after all. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. It all culminated in an awesome photoshoot, and we hope you like the end result as well as the behind the scenes video!

The final images from the shoot are posted at the end of the video.
Leave a comment / message if you want to be park of the next workshop

Saturday Night NYC

Soon after my wife and I finished looking for houses for sale in Atlanta we decided to take a trip to NYC where we took a walk about in East Village and Washington Square Park. I prefer shooting street photography at night because I feel the night takes away some light and color distractions and always can be more dramatic. Shooting street video at night has it own challenges but I wanted to capture the Saturday night feel of East village in 2017s NYC. I find old street photographs & films ( if any) of old NYC or other cities fascinating. Its always interesting to see the changes and how and what people were like. Hope some of the images age well. Photo Film BABAK

Bring your own chair day

Man with his own chair in rush hour in a NYC Subway train , photographed by NYC Street Photographer BABAk

I photographed this image while I was going to a hair fashion shoot in NYC. I always carry a camera some where that is easily accessible. Camera in a bag is pretty much useless for street photography because by the time you pull it out and turn it on the moment is long gone. Street Photography is all about seeing things that are going to happen and be ready for them.
Photo BABAk

Odd Couple

Odd Couple - woman with funny cat hat & Man pushing a cart on NYC Street In The rain - Photo By NYC Street Photographer BABAk

Street Photography in the rain adds an interesting element to the photos. The wet pavement gives you high lights that make other wise ordinary photo stand out. It also gives you a bit of a cover from the subjects noticing you. People usually look down and don’t look a round when walking in the rain. Photo BABAk NYC

BTS film

We used fake walls and wires as props to shoot a NAHA Hair Fashion Shoot in 2009 – I just re edited one of the images with new back ground and then again with a new hair that i shot on an another model and then photoshopped on the original model.
Photo Music Film © BABAK 2018

Take off LGA 13

Wing Shot leaving runway 13 at LGA  with NYC skyline in the back ground - Photographed by NYC  photographer BABAK

Photo © BABAK Feb 2018 LGA > ORD

To Shoot in your Salon or Studio

Question I am often asked is how much room do you need to shoot, can it be done in my hair salon or do we need a studio?

winner of International TrendVision Award for Wella Professional photographed by NYC photographer for cover of the Esthetic Magazine

Well TrendVision Award Photo shot in a small area of a hair salon

I have been photographing hair for hair industry since 1989 and I have shot almost any where. I have developed a technique that allows for shooting in very confined spaces with many people hanging a round with success. Having said that there are major advantages in using a pro studio when doing hair shoots which i think will make for better photo shoot.

One important point to keep in mind is the space that divides the actual shooting area with the prep area. You want keep the prep people away from the set but not too far or in other areas. It has been my experience that many prep people tend to relax and get in to playful mode after they done their prep work between models but that is exactly when the photographer & the model have to concentrate on their work. I feel the distraction of on lookers have a negative effect on the shoot.

I also find that hairstylist tend to be more creative when there is some natural light and they can take short breaks. Creating multi look “NAHA Competition styles” is very demanding on your creatively and you need all the advantages you can get. Good lighting in the prep area and shoot area is crucial for the stylist to see what is going on with the hair. poorly / dark shooting spaces make the hairstylist & photographer think the hair is better than it actually is leading to disappoint meant when you get the proofs.

For this photo shoot the models had excellent clothing that they were going to display. We had a bit of an issue with the accessories, namely the jewelry that the models were going to wear. It was a bit late to get a new partner so we were worried that was going to delay the whole thing. Thankfully we were able to find Luxury Jewelry for Sale promptly, and we only really had that distraction for about a day, and it was sorted out well ahead of the date. We were worried for a moment, but everything went great and the models looked gorgeous with their full attire.

behind the scenes hair fashion shoot- Studio or Location for hair shoot

behind the scenes photo – in a large pro studio

Shooting inside a pro studio will also make behind the scenes images and video a lot more interesting and pro looking when sharing on social or showing clients. behind the scenes film of shoots in salons or messy small locations always look home made no matter how great the end photos of the actual shoot look .

Large studios also have many different areas / sets to shoot in. This will make it very easy to shoot a different look with same models very quickly giving the client more options. I call these “secondary shots” * Secondary shots are shots that client did not plan for and because of the situation available to me I manage to get new images. Usually from same models with out spending too much time*

The video above is an example of such situation. After we finished our main shoot against the studio paper back ground I managed to do a quick collection in the corner of the studio that i saw available. The wall paper, couch and the cats would have cost many hours to set up and source but because they were there already why not take advantage of it. The whole shoot didn’t take more than an hour.

You might find it easier to shoot in your salon if you don’t have many hours of on set photo shoot experience as a hair stylist. You might find it easier to work at your own station and familiar places. You must be aware of every day business distractions that may distract on the shoot day if you shoot at your own salon. If you are looking for a business loan, his response is that Loanovao UK can help you.

Babak   >>  IG  @photoBABAK

Hair Fashion

Hair Fashion photograph for NAHA Hair Styling awards bt NYC Hair Photographer BABAK

Remix-ed image from a photo shoot i did for the NAHA Hair styling awards in 2009 . I up dated the back ground and added a bigger hair. some times it good to look at past work and learn from the past. Photo BABAK

Man on cross

Man smoking in Washington Square  park NYC Photographed by NYC Photographer BABAK
I noticed this guy listening improved musicians in Washington Sq Park NYC – He was jumping from seat to seat and at one point he got down on the floor smoking. it only lasted a few seconds. I like the positioning and his gesture. I shot this on my Fuji x 100 BABAK Photo

12th street

man & women crossing 12th street in NYC  street photography by nyc photographer babak
I like the in sync but opposite position of their feet – walkers on 12th street NYC – Photo BABAK

Hudson River

Wing Shot crossing frozen Hudson River in winter from Airbus 321 Photo by NYC Photographer BABAK  on Leica Camera with 35 mm lens
Crossing the Hudson River after the Bomb cyclone – Heading to Atlanta – Air Bus 321 seat 16A Photo BABAK

Bomb Cyclone

Winter Storm bomb cyclone in NYC Jan 2018  Street Photographer BABAK Shot on Leica

Waiting on 3rd Av – bomb cycloneisat winter storm of 2018 – 8to 12 inches and kinda windy & cold Photo © BABAK 2018

Dupont Street

Old Store Front In Toronto - Dupont Street & Ossington Photographed by Toronto Photographer BABAK
Winter survival in the city.  Toronto -15c  a few days after a snow fall –  Dupont Street & Ossington Av BABAK Photo

St. Patrick’s Cathedral NYC

St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Av NYC Next to Trump tower Photographed by NYC Photographer BABAK

St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Av NYC Photo BABAK

Behind the scenes hair shoot

Van Michael Salon NAHA Awards team photo shoot – A behind the scenes film
Photo Film Music © BABAk 2017

New York City

Wing Shot white Taking off from LGA Photographed by BABAK NYC Photographer using Leica M Camera

Take off from runway 04 LGA New York City. Delta airlines are no longer using the Marine Air Terminal as of Dec. 2017 – This was a great terminal to travel out of, terminal had a very private & small feel to it – will miss it

The first of our must-see New York attractions is the world renowned Empire State Building. The view from the observation platform of the Empire State Building will take your breath away and is a sight that you won’t soon forget. An absolute must-see during a visit to New York! We have compiled everything you need to know about the Empire State Building, including our tips & tricks, important info regarding ticket options, and whether going to the 102nd floor is really worth it.

An official city landmark and the second of our must-see New York attractions: the Brooklyn Bridge. For tailor made holidays, Freedom Destinations are one of the best at customizing a package, if you have them custom your trip be sure to walk across the bridge to enjoy the fabulous views onto the city skyline, especially in the early evening hours! The view from Brooklyn across the East River is also spectacular and is definitely a must see. New tours are available that take you across the bridge into Brooklyn and these are quite popular.

Our tip: Make a day out of it! We recommend you check out the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park and spend the afternoon walking around DUMBO if you time it right you can head back across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset when the views are especially beautiful. If you get hungry, don’t pass on pizza at Juliana’s, the line may be long but this is definitely some of the best pizza you can get in NYC!

The final item on our list of 10 must-see New York attractions, is Central Park. This green oasis in the midst of the city stretches from 59th Street to 110th Street and 5th Avenue to 8th Avenue. It was established by the city planners early in NYC’s history and remains a popular destination for New Yorkers to this day. The long jogging route that takes you once around the park (approx. 10 km) is a lot of fun. If you are looking for something a little more relaxed, you can rent a rowboat and cruise around on the various lakes in the summer months.


The fact that the Statue of Liberty is missing from this list is not an accident. It is always too busy and crowded and you can take much better pictures of the Statue from further away. Instead, we recommend you take a boat tour around Manhattan that makes a brief loop around the Statue of Liberty giving you a good photo opportunity, or take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry!

The patriot

A Trump supporter wearing american flag at a MAGA event in washington sq park  Photographed ny NYC Photographer BABAK
Portrait of a man with American flag in Washington Sq park at a MAGA event. BABAK Photo NYC 2017

From the train

High Sutter speed photo out of train on the way to Toronto from Ottawa Canada
I shot this photograph from a fast moving train from Ottawa to Toronto. You can spend a few hours looking for the right landscape and time your shot so you get a right composition. Before you know it you have arrived at your destination. I shot this at 1/4000 second and high iso BABAK Photo Oct 2017 Canada

The Wall

Ai Weiwei’s pro Trump wall Art installation under  Washington Square park  arch  Photograph Bt NYC Street Photographer BABAK

Ai Weiwei’s Wall in Washington Square park NYC Oct 2017

Tom Keifer

Tom Keifer On stage in NYC at BB Kings giving his all for ROCK AND ROLL  Photograph by NYC Photographer BABAK

Photo g BABAk NYC 2017

This is a fast moving show, Tom Keifer & Tony Higbee [the guitars] are ways moving with a bursts of energy which makes for great shots but technically difficult in a low light environment. I used a 135 mm lens with 1/400 to catch the sweat drops – BABAK Photo 2017 NYC

34th street

34th street NYC Photograph in Color - Changing face of NYC - Photographed by Street Photographer BABAK
Corner of 8th Av & 34th street NYC in color. Pockets of the old New York is slowly disappearing. The bounce light off the glass buildings near by makes this shot work in color. BABAK Photo NYC 2017

Intercoiffure Presidents Award

The Presidents Awards Was presented to NYC Hair Photographer BABAK at Intercoiffure NYC

What a great surprise guys! Was called out at the Intercoiffure US / Canada show in New York City on Oct 8 2017 and awarded the Presidents award. I shot my first hair shoot in 1989 and since 1990s i have specialized in hair fashion photography. I like to thank Intercoiffure , Frank Gambuzza, the president of Intercoiffure, and Van Council for their kind words and appreciation of my work. Thanks guys BABAK

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Hair Fashion Photographer receiving the Presidents awards at Intercoiffure in New York City NYC

Photo Haixia

Tom Keifer

Tom Keifer with Savannah Snow Back stage at BB Kings NYC Post show Photograph by NYC Photographer BABAk
Tom Keifer & Savannah Snow back stage post show in New York City.
BABAK Photo 2017

Intercoiffure NYC

Asian model  on a couch Shot  in a Moulin Rouge club setting shot for michael van salon by NYC Fashion Photographer BABAk

This shot is a part of the collection i photo-ed for Intercoiffure NYC with Van Michael Salon team doing the hair & make up – We used a night club for location – I remember it was very hot which made doing the hair just that much more complicated. You have to light & shoot fast when u have many sets to shoot & weather is not ideal but its always more inspiring to shoot on location.
i have a BTS film for tis collection as well
BABAk Photos 2017

Union Square MAGA

Jovi Val -Pro Trump Demonstrator wearing a MAGA hat at Union Square In NYC with American Flag Photographed By Street Photographer BABAKJovi Vai  in action – Union Square and Washington Square park, they are a few 100 feet away from each other but they have completely different feel and character, even with in the parks there are different pockets of people. Union square is some ways like “Speakers corner ” in London England where people gather to protest, rap, perform and some times debate. You always meet interesting people at street debates. Free speech is an iq test!
Photo BABAk NYC 2017

Tom Keifer band

Black and white photograph of Tom Keifer Band Back stage at BB Kings In NYC Photographed By BABAK NYC Music Rock Photographer

Photo © BABAk 2017 NYC

Had a chance to Photograph the Tom Keifer Band [ Lead singer of the Group Cinderella ] at the BB Kings In NYC last night. The level of energy out of this band is 11. Make sure you catch the show when it comes to your area. I shot this with the harsh over head lights of the cinder block walled hallways of the back stage. After the show shots are a lot grittier more emotion filled and more real to me. Thanks guys BABAK

Intercoiffure NYC

Asian Model with Short Black hair and mask make up  back stage at the Intercoiffure_NYC_ Show Photographed by BABAK NYC GAshion Photographer

I shot This model Back stage right before she went on stage at Intercoiffure NYC 2017 – I find the energy and the grungy light back stage makes for very iconic photographs with good stories for future generations. Some times back stage is the stage. This was Van Michael Salon team presentation model at the Show.
I like to Thanks the Intercoiffure for presenting me with the Presidents awards at the show – much appreciated – Photo BABAk With very high iso and low shutter speed

Photo Shoot EastVillage

Very late night improvised shoot & quick eats t at Japanese on St. Marks Place In East Village New York City with Model Alex Feldman. I tried on camera flash for sone of the shots and stretchiest for others. Each lights open new stories and spaces to shoot – My favorite shot from the shoot was “Starving” with Alex & the other person on the street which engaged us . There is another person that started to urinate on our set – The strange s of the street shooting Photos Music Film © BABAk 2017

Joan Harrison

Portrait of Joan Harrison Canadian hairdresser and published of the Canadian hairdresser magazine and Mirror awards  Magazine  Photographed By Toronto Photographer BABAK
Joan Harrison was a Canadian hair dresser and the publisher of the Canadian hairdresser magazine which held the annual Mirror hairstyling awards in Toronto.
She Past away sat 6 October 2017, I had known her for many years, shared great memories from trying to scape cube where we were on a photo shoot to travels to long Beach, airport hang outs and many Hair styling events as well as many photo shoots for the magazine. She was an industry power house who loved and understood photography. She be missed – BABAK


Model juxtapose with homeless person on St marks in east village posing together iphotographed by street Photographer BABAk In NYC

I Shot this at a bout 4:00 am on St Marks Place in East Village NYC – Many people approach you when you are shooting models on the street – Model : Alex Feldman – BABAK Photo


Photograph of a model in a swimming pool floating  at night photographed by BABAk NYC Art Street Photographer  BABAK This is an after shoot photo -The photo shoot does not end when hair & make up packs up and the lights are shut off. The good photos happen at any time. This was shot after a long day, we just had dinner with some of the crew and models  staying at the same hotel. She jumped in the out door pool – in January! I did a few photos with my Fuji X 100.  BABAK Photo

Webster Hall

Blond NYC Model Posing out side Webster Hall  In east Village NYC the Last show  before Closing down - Photo by NYC Street Photographer BABAK

Mima Model posing out side Webster hall in East Village NYC on one of the last days before the club closed down. Webster hall has been around since 1980s. This shot reminds me of Blondi [ 1980 s Rock singer ] out side CBGBs, another iconic NYC punk club that closed its doors in 2006 BABAK Photo

Boeing 767 Hair

Model with hair hair made out of 69 Boeing 787 in a Hair Are Photo By NYC Hair Fashion Photographer BABAk

Photo © BABAK NYC 2017

I re mix-ed an old shot by taking out the hair and replacing it with a bout 60 Boeing 767 planes. It added a whole new life to the image –  Photo & Concept BABAk 2017

Las Vegas Shooting

View From hotel where Las Vegas Shooter Was shooting the concert goers

Photo © BABAK 2017

This the View from Luxor hotel which is a little to the north of Mandalay Bay where the Shooter was firing the concert goers on Sunday Oct 1 2017. Shooters view would have been about 600 meters or so to the right of the photo. The stage seems faraway . This Photo was taken with a 35 mm lease so it appears farther away than it seems.
Wishing the best for every one involved and hurt by this evil event.
BABAK Photo Summer 2017

Kids In America

2 androgynous kids holding hands on 3rd Av East Village

Photo © BABAK 2017 east Village NYC

Shot this one on 3rd av in East village NYC – Was a very fast moment. I kept and played with the color for the story.


Model with short Hair Smoking and carrying a pot of food wearing Oven cloves

Photo © BABAK

An out take from a collection that i shot for Van Michael Salon. We had all the models doing a domestic tasks,  it worked out very well BABAK Photo Atlanta

Ice cream man


Saturday night In East Village NYC - Street Photo Showing people Kissing and having ice cream

Photo © BABAK 2017 – NYC

A Saturday night in East Village 3rd av & 11th street NYC – BABAK Photo

Hair Art

Artistic Hair Photograph of  model with short hair

Photo © BABAK 2017

A remix-ed Photo of a GoldWell Trend Zoom Photo. BABAK

AvantGarde Hair


Photo of an asian Model with Huge Avant GArde Hair _ Shot for NAHA Awards

Photo © BABAK 2017

Shooting these type of photos is all about “seeing” the hair on set while shooting and getting the hairdresser to fix as you see the problem areas. What the camera sees is what the audience sees. Photo/ concept /retouching BABAK


Reflections on Trump Tower in Chicago with Golden Hour Light

Reflections on Trump Tower In Chicago. I always seems to stay around this area every time I come to Chicago for Hair Fashion Shoots. This area is now busy with tourist, tourist busses, agents selling Chicago tours and tourist taking photos against the building. Shot on my Fuji X 100 –  BABAK Photo Sept 2017 Chicago

Street Portrait

Night Street Portrait of Musician  In East Village NYC - Street Photo

Street portrait of a street musician in East Village New York City. Things are more dramatic at night as long as you find the light. This one was shot on a 50 mm at about 2.8. BABAK Photo