Photo © BABAK  2009  www.babak.ca

Photo © BABAK 2009 www.babak.ca

Sunday or was it Saturday night antics at the studio. Some  say all you need is love, i say all u need is a camera.  A great model helps too !

Shot with studio strobes – note the blur on foot due to  some strobes set on longer flash duration setting. This is one photo and not a composite. Jumps shots are about capturing a moment in time, 2 peoples sense of  time coming together in one shot!


  1. Christina November 30, 2009

    great photo, Larysa!!!

  2. Nikolay Chigirev November 30, 2009

    Great shot man ! I love your high key photos. Very stylish.
    Is is one shot or photoshop two images together? – Actually it’s doesn’t matter… just interested..

  3. BABAK November 30, 2009

    We both are in one shot jumping at the same time 🙂

  4. Nikolay Chigirev November 30, 2009

    Thanks! Really cool!
    Didn’t get about “some strobes set on longer flash duration setting” – maybe because my strobes are simple and flash duration is VERY short. So I freeze everything no matter I want it or not… except hair- sometimes it’s bleary on move or jump 🙂

  5. BABAK November 30, 2009

    The flash duration is longer if the strobes are set at high power. I was using mixed strobes, some on full some on low power. The speedotron on the left of the shot on the ground was set on full power , giving about 1/200 second casing the blur. the rest of the unites were set on lower power giving short flash duration…. babak

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