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Hair Fashion Workshop

A short film of our 2 day work shop for master hairstylist in Atlanta.

Day 1 was in class theory / types of hair shoot / how to get great images from the shoot / ideas / model selection & on set tips.

Day2 was in studio photo shoot with Daniel Holzberger helping with the hair on set and guiding the participants while BABAK photographing the models and going over the images and how to improve your hair for photo shoot.

We had 10 advanced stylist participate and they paired up working on a model for the shoot. We shot a total of 5 models / some with different hair looks .

It was a learning experience. The experts showed us all kinds of neat tips that you could do relatively easily for some wild hair, and really good looking hairstyles as well. Special thanks to the folks over at hair to ware as well for showing us some pretty interesting wig tips that can cut down on your prep time if you set it up ahead of time. We’re probably going to be using wigs in some of our future projects since there are some things you can do with them that can be a lot more complicated to realize with real hair and the model having to deal with the extensive hair and makeup time. Getting your hair pulled on for over an hour while you can’t move much will affect how you do your job as a model after all. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. It all culminated in an awesome photoshoot, and we hope you like the end result as well as the behind the scenes video!

The final images from the shoot are posted at the end of the video.
Leave a comment / message if you want to be park of the next workshop

Behind the Scenes Naha Shoot

Behind the Scenes movie of a NAHA Fashion Avant Garde soot done on location, Dec 2011 – This shoot was published in Behind the Chair Magazine  – BABAK Photos

NAHA Fashion Avant Garde collection Fashion shoot on the street and published in Behind The Chair Magazine - Babak Photo



Babak Photographer Self portrait Babakca

Self Portrait - BABAK Photo 2011

Self portrait in my friends apartment in Chelsea NYC – This place has a very  real 1970s feel & energy .  Babak Photo


Photo © Photography BABAK inc 2011

Photography © BABAK 2010

The images from the Eruption collection – we are on the cover and  inside the covers !  Collection was shot using high speed flash to freeze the models in mid air.

Hair : Dimitrios Tsioumas  – Photography : BABAK  On set shot by Felix NG .

Modern Salon

Modern Salon Magazine Fashion Hair Photo shoot with Babak In Paris

Photo © BABAK

Modern Salon cover – Shot in Paris – Hair Dimitrios Tsioumas & John C. Simpson  Photography BABAK

behind the scenes / Making of Modern salon Photo shoot Paris France


Fashion Photo Shoot

Photo © BABAK 2010

I shot This collection in a very dark club where I had trouble seeing the set and the models from the distance I had to fire to get the whole set in using a 85mm glass. The set is lit using 3 lights including a Profoto 7b. Fun fact of the day was that I asked for bags of peat moss to be spread on the floor not realizing that it would make the whole place smell very farm like. Thanks to a great team on this set .A  Charlie Price and the TIGI Hair  BABAK Photo.

Babak behind the scenes Fashion photo Shoot

babak on set

behind the scenes

Photos © BABAK  2010

Photos © BABAK 2010

A few behind the scenes shots that I  did at my last photo shoot. Let the photographer be the shooter at  the photo shoot. Leave the shooting to him! People taking photos on set is distracting to the model and the photographer. Babak Photos 2010 – Models ” Top Kate Eaton & Bottom Kelleth Cuthbert


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

Sunday or was it Saturday night antics at the studio. Some  say all you need is love, i say all u need is a camera.  A great model helps too !

Shot with studio strobes – note the blur on foot due to  some strobes set on longer flash duration setting. This is one photo and not a composite. Jumps shots are about capturing a moment in time, 2 peoples sense of  time coming together in one shot!


A shot from last nights photo shoot in the studio. Shot at 1/30  at F2.8 hand held. There is also a short clip of the behind the scenes footage posted.  Hair: Suzanne Martin  Make up Miranda Fox

Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

Other side

© Photography BABAK 09

© Photography BABAK 09

Behind the scenes fun shots from a photo shoot with Sophie.  “Are we on the other side yet !”


Photo Felix NG - © Photography Babak 09

Photo Felix NG - © Photography Babak 09

Thank god for the models becase I don’t know what the hell I be doing with out them!  Playing around with  model Hien on  set !

On Set

Self Timer ©

Photo Remote control ©

Messing around getting the set right before the shoot. [ or may be this is after the shoot and we are messing around ! ] Warning , jump shots on set are detrimental to your knees well being . Babak & Felix behind the scenes Sept. 2009

Fashion Frenzy

Fashion Frenzy

No the model is not on fire yet , we just ran out of hairspray !!

I was very exited to be a judge at the Fashion Frenzy [ Hair styling competition] in Schaumburg IL past weekend. The grand prize was a photo shoot with “Babak” after the show. We set up a studio in one of the meeting rooms . The rental company missed a few items including our 9 foot seamless back ground paper and a few lights. I did manage to work around the missing gear, by using the large size of the room  to blur the back ground . Above shot is a fun behind the scenes of us doing the secondary shoot in the hallways using window light. Thanks to all involved. Photo Felix NG  – © www.