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ection I photographed for NAHA HAir dressing Awards / Competition BABAK Photo

Photo BABAK 2013

NAHA Awards Hair collection Published work – BABAK Photos

NAHA Awards

NAHA  Awards North American Hairstylist of the year collection Published on the cover  - BABAK Photo


NAHA Awards collection on the cover – Hair Sal Misseri  Photography BABAK



Contessa Awards

Contessa Awards Canadian Team collection winner photo on the cover of Salon Magazine - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK

Contessa Awards – Canadian Team of the year Awards winner collection on the cover of Salon Magazine Check out the behind the scenes film of this shoot here BABAK on set film 

Photography BABAK  Hair Silas Tsang & Team Blushes


Hair Fashion specialist photographer Babak behind the scenes and published naha work

BABAK Photos 2012

“The Aveda Inspire Greatness Institute’s collection from their NAHA Team 2012 was shot by Photographer Babak, who is known for being able to capture gorgeous hair silhouettes with the beauty they deserve ” Sophisticate’s HairStyle Guide  Magazine Jan 2013 .

Behind The Chair Magazine

Cover of BTC [Behind the Chair ] Magazine with The RAW winners at premiere hair show .
Photos BABAK

Cover of the Behind The Chair magazine – RAW Hair Competition winners at the premiere hair show Orlando  – Photographed By BABAK


Avant Garde

Winner of Avant Garde Hair category at the NAHA Hair Awards - published & set on fire - Photo BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2012

Winner of the NAHA Awards  [ Avant GArde collection ] published & set on fire  – Photos  © BABAK  2012


Photo © Photography BABAK inc 2011

Photography © BABAK 2010

The images from the Eruption collection – we are on the cover and  inside the covers !  Collection was shot using high speed flash to freeze the models in mid air.

Hair : Dimitrios Tsioumas  – Photography : BABAK  On set shot by Felix NG .

Modern Salon

Modern Salon Magazine Fashion Hair Photo shoot with Babak In Paris

Photo © BABAK

Modern Salon cover – Shot in Paris – Hair Dimitrios Tsioumas & John C. Simpson  Photography BABAK

behind the scenes / Making of Modern salon Photo shoot Paris France


Naha Hair Awards Fashion Forward collection

Naha Fashion Forward collection in Launch Pad magazine and the making of / behind the scenes video to go a long with it .

Photography © & concept BABAK  / Hair by Amy Freudenberg  /  Make-up-Kristine Frank  /  Styling-Laura DiMarcantonio


Fashion Photo Shoot

Photo © BABAK 2010

I shot This collection in a very dark club where I had trouble seeing the set and the models from the distance I had to fire to get the whole set in using a 85mm glass. The set is lit using 3 lights including a Profoto 7b. Fun fact of the day was that I asked for bags of peat moss to be spread on the floor not realizing that it would make the whole place smell very farm like. Thanks to a great team on this set .A  Charlie Price and the TIGI Hair  BABAK Photo.

Babak behind the scenes Fashion photo Shoot

babak on set


Naha Tribute Journal Babak advertising

Photo © BABAK 2010

Congratulatory  advertisement in the Naha [ North American Hairstyling Awards] Tribute Journal that was handed out to audience at night of the awards in Las Vegas.

303 caliber

Photo © BABAK 2010

One of my favorite covers that I have shot . I originally wanted an action shot for this scene but I  think this stylized army pose brings out the lines better .  A babak photo 2010

American Salon

Photo ©BABAK

Photo ©BABAK

American salon Cover Feb. 2010 – Hair  Ruth Roche  Photography BABAK


BabakI was so sick that day when shooting this collection – fever and all , But always a great shoot with Daniel Holzberger.


Photo © BABAK 08

Photo © BABAK 2008

Naha color collection on the cover.

Hair: Deorah Gavin / Lourie Haney. Makeup : Elena Pacienza. Clothing: Laura DiMarcantonio Photo & Digital: BABAK


Babak_American_salonAmerican Salon shot with Vivienne Mackinder. Every one on the team did a great job pulling of all the looks fast , this was one of my favorite shots.Photography BABAK

Salon Magazine


This is a shot from a collection that i did with Vivienne Mackinder for Pure Extensions . The collection was shot in studio [ see full collection here ] but this is a secondary shot, shot out side while on break. I must be using a white reflector here. I like the feel of it and am glad Salon Magazine got it on the cover.  Makeup: David Maderich