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Premiere Orlando

Photo © Photography BABAK Inc 2010

Me and model going up next to a poster I shot.

I knew this would make a interesting  photo when i saw the size and the placement of the banner, so I asked Felix to take position a cross the floor he then  arm him self with the 70 -200 mm and wait for us to come up the escalator . We had to do this ride   3-4  times to get the escalator empty on a busy show day. Needles to say we got a lot of looks from people attending the busy show since no one could see  Felix’s positioned were wondering what the hell we were doing . With me  and the model in the photo the size of the poster is more dramatized.

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American Salon

Photo ©BABAK

Photo ©BABAK

American salon Cover Feb. 2010 – Hair  Ruth Roche  Photography BABAK