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Go Away

model walking away after a shoot  - photo babak

Photo © BABAK 2011

From today on set  – model leaving after I did a Killer shoot with her . I saw her walking out so I out turned down the shutter randomly down to get more light in and hoped she walked into the light & she did  – ” Don’t go away Mad ( just go away ) was playing on the i pod   Shot at 1/10  s on 85 mm glass – All wrong settings but right time and gesture / content .  A Babak photo 2011

1/10 s at f 5.6


Naha Hair Awards Fashion Forward collection

Naha Fashion Forward collection in Launch Pad magazine and the making of / behind the scenes video to go a long with it .

Photography © & concept BABAK  / Hair by Amy Freudenberg  /  Make-up-Kristine Frank  /  Styling-Laura DiMarcantonio


Photo © BABAK 2010

An Outtake from a 2010 Naha Awards collection. This collection is still one of my favorites as it mixes fashion with avant-garde hair. The lighting budget was very tight on this shoot. This was shot after the shoot using a 60w house hold bulb –   Hand held 35 mm glass at a safe  f2.5 . I did a few portraits in that location afterwards.  A babak Photo  & Charlie Price Hair.