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Man walking  jet bridge  in JKF airport nyc  - BAbak Photo
Photo ©BABAK

One shot that I would never had if my camera was pack in my carry on in its case !  Babak photo

911 Tribute lights

Tribute in  lights  88 search lights making columns of lights - NYC sept 11 - 2012

Photo © BABAK 2012

Tribute in lights – 88 search lights creating columns of light next to 1 WTC – sept 11- 2012  – 1/25 sec at 2.8 – hand held. BABAK Photo


American Airline

American Airline Boeing 737 landing on 05 Runway at YYZ  - BABAK Aviation Photo

Photo © BABAK 2012

American Airlines Boeing 737 landing on o5 runway at YYZ – BABAK Photo 2012

NAHA Awards Winner

NAHA Awards Classic collection winner - 2012 / 2013 - Photo BABAK

Photo © BABAK

Photo © BABAK

Naha Awards winner – Classic hair published in Hair-world International  –  Images were shot in color and striped of color to show cut and movement.   Model : Leila Ismailli  –  HAir : Dimitrios Tsioumas  – Photo BABAK

Pop Art

Andy Warhol  - Pop Art inspired  collection for NAHA Awards  - Photo BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2012

Pop Art inspired collection shot for the NAHA Awards – Photo BABAK


Behind The Chair Magazine

Cover of BTC [Behind the Chair ] Magazine with The RAW winners at premiere hair show .
Photos BABAK

Cover of the Behind The Chair magazine – RAW Hair Competition winners at the premiere hair show Orlando  – Photographed By BABAK



BABAK - Hair Fashion Photographer at the NAHA Awards - Las Vegas - Red Carpet interview

Photo Maria Li

BABAK, Red Carpet interview at NAHA Awards las vegas 2012 –  BABAK



NAHA Award  in hand - This is what the NAHA Award looks like close up - Las Vegas  - BABAK


NAHA Awards , Las Vegas 2012  – Photo BABAK


NYC from williamsburg bridge June 2012 - Babak Photographer

Photo © BABAK

NYC from Williamsburg bridge – June 2012  –  moving car  – Photo Babak


Stylized rider on a vintage Norton motorcycle Photo by BAbak
Photo © BABAK

motorcyclist in the studio  – A BABAK Photo  Hair Charlie Price


Us Flag in the wind on the beach in Miami  - BAbak Photo

Photo © BABAK 2012

“The Hard working flag”

Some have out of style colors – some have krazy written all over them – some are ripped and  no one cares – some are set on fire and some fold over in some hall but  non work as hard as this one.  A BABAK Photo 2012  at 1/2500s in Miami


Toronto Photographed from the air - Wing Shot of Toronto  - BABAK
Photo © BBAK

Wingshot over Toronto June 2012 – Photo BABAK  [MCO-YYZ]

Vince Neil

Vince Neil  Singer of  American Rock band Mötley Crüe live on stage in Las Vegas - Babak Photo

Photo © BABAK 2012

Vince Neil  with Mötley Crüe live in Las Vegas  Feb 2012  – Photo BABAk  

Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon icon of hairdressing & creator of the Bob hair cut - babak photo

Photo © BABAK 2011

Vidal Sassoon Icon of hairdressing.  abs Chicago 2011  – Photo BABAK


Models on stage at the IBS NYC HAir Fashion show  - Babak Photo

Photo ©BABAK

Models on main stage at the IBS NYC HAir  FAshion Show – 2012  Photo BABAK

Micheal Volpe

A color slide of a Hair shoot from the 1990s  - short hair 90s style - Babak

Photo © BABAK 2012

A color slide from a 1991 hair shoot with Hairstylist Micheal Volpe. He pushed me to  developed the  ” hair shot ” style  and got me started on this crazy journey. He passed away recently and he will always be remembered as an pioneer and great hairdresser . BABAK 2012

Avant Garde Fashion

Model with Avant Garde hair & fashion photographed in studio by Babak

Photo © BABAK

Published in American Salon Magazine  – Babak Photo  2012

Avant Garde

Winner of Avant Garde Hair category at the NAHA Hair Awards - published & set on fire - Photo BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2012

Winner of the NAHA Awards  [ Avant GArde collection ] published & set on fire  – Photos  © BABAK  2012

Hair Dreams

Cover & inside pages of  a campaign for HairDreams Hair company - Photo Babak

BABAK Photos 2012

Campaign for HairDreams – Photographs by BABAK

David Lee Roth

Van Halen A different kind of truth tour 2012 - David Lee Roth [ DLR]  Doing Ice Cream man Live  - Photo BABAK


David Lee Roth doing ” Ice Cream man ”  Van Halen A different kind of truth tour 2012  – Photo BABAK

Van Halen

David Lee Roth On stage in Toronto with Van Halen [ A Different Kind of Truth and 2012 tour ] Photo BABAK

David Lee Roth of Van Halen live in Toronto at the ACC  March 2012 - Photo BABAK
Photo © BABAK 2012
David Lee Roth – Van Halen – Toronto 2012 – BABAK Photo ” A different Kind of Truth Tour 2012 ”    – –  – Set list : Unchained – Runnin’ With the Devil – She’s The Woman – The Full Bug – Tattoo – Everybody Wants Some!! – Somebody Get Me A Doctor – China Town – Hear About It Later – Oh, Pretty Woman – Drum solo -You Really Got Me -The Trouble with Never – Dance The Night Away – I’ll Wait -Hot For Teacher – Women In Love – Girl Gone Bad – Beautiful Girls – Ice Cream Man – Panama – Guitar Solo – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love -Jump 




Portrait of a Motley  Crue Fan at  the after party in Las Vegas - Photo BABAK


If the band is cool enough to shoot why not shoot the fans too – why not shoot everything – one time !  Nikki F at Motley Crue after party Las Vegas 2012 – BABAK Photo

Window Seat

Wing Shot over Las Vegas From Airbus  _ BABAK Photo Early morning Wing shot over London UK - Shot from Boeing 737  - BABAK Photo Early morning wing shot over London England from Airbus A330 - BABAK Photo Spinning wing shot done by slow shutter speed while the plane is turning - Photo BABAKWing Shot over Toronto yyz , from Boeing 737 - BABAK PhotoWing shots from several tours – BABAK 2012

Mick Mars

Mick Mars -  [Robert Alan Deal ] Lead guitarist for Motley Crue playing in Las Vegas at Hard Rock Hotel  - Feb 2012

Photo © BABAK

The legendary Mick Mars, Lead guitar for Motley Crue, firing off the guitar  in Las Vegas Feb 17 2012 .  Photo BABAK



Planing & working out the final detail for GoldWell Color Zoom Norway in Oslo With BABAK in Miami

Photo © BABAK

Working out the details of the GoldWell Color Zoom in Norway on a rainy night in a restaurant in Miami Fl. The  Norway Color Zoom was in Jan 2012 and was a big hit. BABAK Photo  2111


Isse Long Beach Hair show - BABAK Photo at main entrance

BABAK Photos

NAHA hair fashion awards people choice winner, photographed by Babak, on display at ISSE Long Beach Hair show .  Photos BABAK

Long Beach

Tire tracks on white line on the street in Long beach at night

© BABAK 20112

Tire tracks & white lines on the streets of Long Beach at midnight BABAK Photo

Wing Shot

Wing shot  from Boeing 757 flight to Atlanta  - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK 2012

Wing shot from a Boeing 757 seat 20 F. Babak Photo Jan. 2012



Interview with Hair Fashion Photographer BABAK In Hot Magazine

Interview with BABAK

Babak Interview in Jan 2012 issue of Hot Magazine – Thanks for looking and getting  my photographs and all your support  BABAK

Too fast

Babak  135 mm lens and legs

Photo © BABAK 2011

” Too Fast For Love ” 2011  BABAK Photo NYC

Las Vegas

Pool Side for the NAHA Awards Las Vegas

Photo ©BABAK

Summer of 2011   Las Vegas  – Photo BABAK


Chicago sky scape /wing shot from car - Photo BABAK photographer

Photo © BABAK

Wing shot from the limo  – Chicago  is passing by !  A BABAK Photo 2011


natural light candid  portrait at dinner in Salt Lake city Utah after a naha hair shoot


Ashley in the only open diner in Salt Lake City that night after the shoot  – Last drive last shot . A BABAK Photo

Hong Kong

Portrait of an old asian women on streets of  Hong Kong - Photography BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2011

I shot her with natural light in the door way of an old  alleyway near Hong Kong. She was sitting with her friends , They called me ” Little Bastard ” I think they knew I had the shot before I did !   A BABAK Photo 2011

Les Paul

Les Paul—was an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor. He was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which made the sound of rock and roll possible.

Photo © BABAK 2009 www.babak.c

Les Paul NYC , The legendary American musician who developed the solid body guitar named which is named after him.  Photo BABAK

Street Portrait

Portrait of man on streets of London compared to a BABAK Hair Shoot

Photo BABAK © 2006

Shot on Streets of London England back in the March of 2006 – Never think why you are shooting something, just shoot it and may be one day you  find out why you did it ! Photo BABAK 2006


Contessa Awards Avant Garde Hair  Fashion collection  - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK

Contessa Awards Avant Garde 2011 winner – Hair: Palma Anshilevich  – Make up Fatima Muniz – Photo & styling BABAK

Come Undone

Birds flying out of an old Building in NYC  - BABAK Photo

Photo ©BABAK 2011

“When you photograph things to make sure they are not a dream and you shoot your dreams to make sure they are real ” BABAK 2011

Go Away

model walking away after a shoot  - photo babak

Photo © BABAK 2011

From today on set  – model leaving after I did a Killer shoot with her . I saw her walking out so I out turned down the shutter randomly down to get more light in and hoped she walked into the light & she did  – ” Don’t go away Mad ( just go away ) was playing on the i pod   Shot at 1/10  s on 85 mm glass – All wrong settings but right time and gesture / content .  A Babak photo 2011

1/10 s at f 5.6

Self Portrait

Photographer BABAK does a self portrait standing on the roof of a limo at the airport

Photo © BABAK 2011

Timing my self portraits today at the airport so I could have a Boeing 777 in the shot with me. Remember you have to tip your driver double if you are going to stand on the roof of his car !

1/1600 at f 5.0 on 15 mm glass.

The Kiss

2 Dead birds kissing in salt lake city

Photo © BABAK 2011

On set today  – I still say ur too young to fall in love tonight !

A BABAK Photo 2011  – this one used  the f 11 on my lenz !


Babak photographer on set Self Portrait

Babak Self portrait

Self portrait  with profoto d4 at the end of a long shoot –  Babak 2011

Houston St

Man on Houston street in the rain nyc  - Babak Photo

Photo g BABAK

A night street portrait of passer by in a cold rainy september night   1/40 at f 1.4  A BABAK Photo

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier at sun set - Summer day on the beach california  - babak Photo

Photo © BABAK

There is always summer  some where on the earth This one is at  Santa Monica Photo BABAK


NYC Street Photography Man on street with arm extended  - BABAK

Photo © BABAK

Man on street – NYC  2011  – Shot at 1/1000 s at f 3.2  A Babak  photo




 Ruger Revolver GP-100 .357 Mag hand gun - Photo BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2011

You dont have to process any images after wards when you shoot with gun like you do when u shoot  with a camera unless you shoot the gun !

A Babak Photo Ruger GP-100  .757 Magnum shot at  f2.8

Plastic Angels

Top less model standing at the door way  - wearing  pantyhose and leggings

Photo © Babak 2010

Some shots for the money, some for the fun, some to test the glass or for remembering it the next day – Some you wanna forget and some will remain one of your favorites  .

A Babak Photo Shot with mixed light – 50 mm glass wide open & loud with model Amber Van Zitamore

Man at Cafe

Black And white portrait of am French man at a Paris Cafe -  Candid Street Photography

Photo © BABAK Paris 2010

This is one of those times  that I could see the shot as soon as I walked in to this cafe. I Just had to make sure no one or nothing destroyed the moment. I like to have some connection with faces I shoot,  find out who and why they are but some times you dont want to mess up the moment and  you shoot the face and make up the story in your head.

A BABAK Photo  – Paris 2010 – f1.6 – 1/400  50 mm glass  TriX 400 Film


behind the scenes with Photographer BABAK at Hair fashion Photo shoots

© BABAK 2011

Behind the scenes  of life with a camera in hand at all times  – summer of 2011  – Babak

Tai O Portrait

Portrait of man at Tai O Village Hong Kong  - Babak Photographer

Photo © BABAK 2011

From Las Vegas to hong Kong  – I photographed  this man out side a hair salon of all places in a small fishing village out side Hong Kong. He used to be an engineer on steam ships. Felix and him had a beer I had ice tea we fired some shots of us and went our separate ways. People and  faces always make my day . This one is shot on a 15 mm at 2.8 on my Si-M  camera at close  range.