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1970s NYC

1970s cadillac parked on Snow Broadway In NYC at Night Photo BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2014

Cadillac  & snow on Broadway  NYC  – BABAK Photo On other story, check out the place where you can buy likes on youtube and increase your social media presence.


Girl standing on roof of thaxi cab in Miami South Beach BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK

BLair on the Cab  – Miami 2013 BABAK photo

14th street

women walking on 14th street NYC Street  Photography  in B&W photographer BABAK

Photo © BABAK

Woman walking on 14th street  – BABAK Photo  2012

Behind the Scenes Naha Shoot

Behind the Scenes movie of a NAHA Fashion Avant Garde soot done on location, Dec 2011 – This shoot was published in Behind the Chair Magazine  – BABAK Photos

NAHA Fashion Avant Garde collection Fashion shoot on the street and published in Behind The Chair Magazine - Babak Photo



BABAK - Hair Fashion Photographer at the NAHA Awards - Las Vegas - Red Carpet interview

Photo Maria Li

BABAK, Red Carpet interview at NAHA Awards las vegas 2012 –  BABAK


Houston St

Man on Houston street in the rain nyc  - Babak Photo

Photo g BABAK

A night street portrait of passer by in a cold rainy september night   1/40 at f 1.4  A BABAK Photo


Girl  covered  in bed sheets floating  In water / pool

Photo ©BABAK www.babakca

Its so cliché  throwing TV sets  in pools  from your hotel room when on the road, in a small town and bored out of your mind. Anyway TV’s are all plasma flat screens and how rock & roll is to throw a flat screen in the pool? Besides They dont explode when they hit the water like the old Tv set used to.  So why not throw your assistant in the pool  instead  and do a quick shoot . This shoot would have been way more rock & roll to if we did it when  we got the idea at 3:00 am but the pool was closed and we couldn’t get in at that time. So  we ended up shooting  it at 8:00 am just before the flight out . I personally dont remember any of the shoot  – i think i was sleep shooting.

The girl in the pool :  Laura Spiers  & Guy out side  the pool : BABAK

© Photography BABAK INc 201



Nyc Street photography  - babak

Photo © BABAK 2011

A shot  from one of my walk abouts  – Photo BABAK


Estetica Fashion  Hair Magazine

Photo © BABAK 2011

Estetica cover – The original images was shot much wider with more room around the model – I have images from the Paris Night shoot in this issue as well which I will post soon . Hair : Farouk  Photography BABAK