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Beauty  Head shot using one canon flash & 70-200 mm lens - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK 2013


One light Beauty Shot with Christabel  – Photo BABAK  [ f2.8  iso 1000 ]


Hair Fashion specialist photographer Babak behind the scenes and published naha work

BABAK Photos 2012

“The Aveda Inspire Greatness Institute’s collection from their NAHA Team 2012 was shot by Photographer Babak, who is known for being able to capture gorgeous hair silhouettes with the beauty they deserve ” Sophisticate’s HairStyle Guide  Magazine Jan 2013 .

L Train

Fashion Portrait / beauty shot on The L train  NYC Subway photo shoot BABAK photo
Photo ©BABAK 2012

Christabel on the L Train  – BABAK Photo

Naha Fashion

Naha Hair Fashion Awards - Fashion Forward collection

Photo © BABAK

This one is a ” B side ” from the Naha collection with Silas from Blushes salon  –  A BABAK photo 2010

Fashion TV

A clip from an old Fashion TV segment that was covering my photo shoot and was aired a few times on TV. Below are the final shots from the shoot that were published in a Toronto fashion magazine.   Photography BABAK

Silver Makeup / Avant Garde

White Queen , Powder face make up


Photo © BABAK 2010

An Outtake from a 2010 Naha Awards collection. This collection is still one of my favorites as it mixes fashion with avant-garde hair. The lighting budget was very tight on this shoot. This was shot after the shoot using a 60w house hold bulb –   Hand held 35 mm glass at a safe  f2.5 . I did a few portraits in that location afterwards.  A babak Photo  & Charlie Price Hair.

Premiere Orlando

Photo © Photography BABAK Inc 2010

Me and model going up next to a poster I shot.

I knew this would make a interesting  photo when i saw the size and the placement of the banner, so I asked Felix to take position a cross the floor he then  arm him self with the 70 -200 mm and wait for us to come up the escalator . We had to do this ride   3-4  times to get the escalator empty on a busy show day. Needles to say we got a lot of looks from people attending the busy show since no one could see  Felix’s positioned were wondering what the hell we were doing . With me  and the model in the photo the size of the poster is more dramatized.

More Show photos : Premier Orlando Show Photos


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

“It’s a hot night, the natives are restless – We’re shooting by the light of the moon “

Get Babak-ed! Behind the Scenes Hair Fashion

This video is a collection of photos and behind-the-scene shots from various shoots over the past number of months.
How many times did I change my t-shirt?