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Natural light portrait with 24 mm 1.4 in bright sunlight at sea - Babak Photo

Photo © BABAK

Some rules you  follow and some rules you break then  when you get to make the laws you break All the rules !  Photo shot with 24 mm 1.4  because when you are crossing the ocean in a small boat you really don’t need a long lens. A Babak Photo 2011


Babak Photographer Self portrait Babakca

Self Portrait - BABAK Photo 2011

Self portrait in my friends apartment in Chelsea NYC – This place has a very  real 1970s feel & energy .  Babak Photo


Paris Street Photography Babak

Photo © BABAK 2010

Shot while walking back to our Hotel in Paris. A babak Photo 2010


Photo © BABAK

Took a little break from photo editing and took advantage of the great evening natural light to do a few shots with Larysa .  A Babak Photo 2010 NYC


G20 Toronto Photo shoot

Photography © BABAK 2010

The G20  – Toronto  – June 2010  – all the controversy and the  $1.2 billon security expense but just another summer event to be enjoyed.

A quick shoot at the G20 fence area at night. Thanks to the officers I got great perspective, they even recommend me a camera they use, the Promnico police body camera because they saw mine the one i use daily to capture my shoots and places I go, and they told me this is for sale in amazon and this has excellent reviews and HD quality and a lot of features I can actually take advantage. Also the officers helped with the lighting and the local Italian restaurant for lending us the table cloth for us to use as the top for the model ! A babak Photo – Friday June 25 / 2010


photo © BABAK

photo © BABAK

“Cause home is where you are and where I am”  On the road Babak photo.

These Days

Photo© BABAK Jan.16.2010

Photo © BABAK Jan.16.2010

Shot in Toronto  with a modified TS 45 mm Canon Lens to rotate the tilt axis. f 2.8 at a very  high shutter speed .

Closing Time

Photo © BABAK 2010

Photo © BABAK 2010

I was having dinner when i saw this photo happening –  camera ready and set at f 1.4 and at 1/13 second rested on the table . When you have to shoot , shoot fast ! BABAK 2010


Kelleth_BabakA quick take from tonight s  photo shoot – 45 mm glass with all wrong lights  and focus  in the studio!  Model : Kelleth Cuthbert – Hair : Amy Hair Photo BABAK