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BTS film

We used fake walls and wires as props to shoot a NAHA Hair Fashion Shoot in 2009 – I just re edited one of the images with new back ground and then again with a new hair that i shot on an another model and then photoshopped on the original model.
Photo Music Film © BABAK 2018

David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle by BABAK NYC 2012

Photo © BABAK 2012

David LaChapelle NYC 2012 – Photo BABAK


BABAK - Hair Fashion Photographer at the NAHA Awards - Las Vegas - Red Carpet interview

Photo Maria Li

BABAK, Red Carpet interview at NAHA Awards las vegas 2012 –  BABAK



Models on stage at the IBS NYC HAir Fashion show  - Babak Photo

Photo ©BABAK

Models on main stage at the IBS NYC HAir  FAshion Show – 2012  Photo BABAK


Natural light portrait with 24 mm 1.4 in bright sunlight at sea - Babak Photo

Photo © BABAK

Some rules you  follow and some rules you break then  when you get to make the laws you break All the rules !  Photo shot with 24 mm 1.4  because when you are crossing the ocean in a small boat you really don’t need a long lens. A Babak Photo 2011

On Set

Model getting last minute touch ups before the shoot with Babak

Photo © BABAK 2010

Last minute touch ups before the shoot. The cleaner the hair & make up the less post production and touch ups needed making for more  of a natural final image. When you get lazy on set you pay  big after. A Babak photo.

Contessa Awards

Model on stage at the contessa Hair awards in TorontoStage Show / model at the Contessa Hair Awards

Contessa Awards - Toronto Photography BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2010

A few shots that I did from the stage performance at the Contessa Awards  [ Hair styling  awards show ] in Toronto. I was not covering this show but the great production and styles made me fire a few shots . Babak Photos


Photo © BABAK 2010

An Outtake from a 2010 Naha Awards collection. This collection is still one of my favorites as it mixes fashion with avant-garde hair. The lighting budget was very tight on this shoot. This was shot after the shoot using a 60w house hold bulb –   Hand held 35 mm glass at a safe  f2.5 . I did a few portraits in that location afterwards.  A babak Photo  & Charlie Price Hair.


Photo © BABAK

Took a little break from photo editing and took advantage of the great evening natural light to do a few shots with Larysa .  A Babak Photo 2010 NYC

Premiere Orlando

Photo © Photography BABAK Inc 2010

Me and model going up next to a poster I shot.

I knew this would make a interesting  photo when i saw the size and the placement of the banner, so I asked Felix to take position a cross the floor he then  arm him self with the 70 -200 mm and wait for us to come up the escalator . We had to do this ride   3-4  times to get the escalator empty on a busy show day. Needles to say we got a lot of looks from people attending the busy show since no one could see  Felix’s positioned were wondering what the hell we were doing . With me  and the model in the photo the size of the poster is more dramatized.

More Show photos : Premier Orlando Show Photos

303 caliber

Photo © BABAK 2010

One of my favorite covers that I have shot . I originally wanted an action shot for this scene but I  think this stylized army pose brings out the lines better .  A babak photo 2010


Photo © BABAK 2010

A shoot with Sharon Toxic-Vision clothing &  model Hayley Campbell at the studio. Makeup & hair Elena Pacienza . I used strobes for this one, 1 soft box for the model and 2 lights on the back wall to get it  a bit cleaner but still have the rawness feel to it.  A BABAK photo 2010


Photo © BABAK 2010

Photo © BABAK 2010

One of many photographers / on lookers out side Bryant Park for the NYC Fashion week. This was the last year this event is being held at this location. Next show will be at Lincoln Center.  1/250s at 1.4 natural light. Babak Photo 2010.

behind the scenes

Photos © BABAK  2010

Photos © BABAK 2010

A few behind the scenes shots that I  did at my last photo shoot. Let the photographer be the shooter at  the photo shoot. Leave the shooting to him! People taking photos on set is distracting to the model and the photographer. Babak Photos 2010 – Models ” Top Kate Eaton & Bottom Kelleth Cuthbert


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

“It’s a hot night, the natives are restless – We’re shooting by the light of the moon “

Hotel Shoot

Sting of the group  The Police  said “The worlds my oyster a hotel rooms a prison cell”  I say oysters taste  great and hotel rooms make great  studios ! This collection was shot in the smallest hotel room there was . We redecorate the place by moving the beds around and making it happen. Hair : Dimitrios Tsioumas  Photography BABAK Video clips Felix

Date Shoot

Photo ©BABAK  www.babak.caPhoto ©BABAK

I did this shoot with Aleksandra in my car, I used the dashboard lights and a small camping flash light to fill in. I wanted a fast fun shoot without all the production. The exposure was f1.4 at 1/10 sec on a 35 mm lens.

Aveda Congress 2008 Live Hair Makeover & PhotoShoot

For Aveda’s 30th birthday party, they invited approximately 7000 of their closest friends to the Northrop Auditorium for a small event called “Congress.”
Van Michael Salons Team lead by Daniel Holzberger did a cut and a photo shoot LIVE on stage for the audience for part of the show.

Here is a short clip of what we did…

Get Babak-ed! Behind the Scenes Hair Fashion

This video is a collection of photos and behind-the-scene shots from various shoots over the past number of months.
How many times did I change my t-shirt?