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Long Hair Shoot with wind - Hair movement with wind - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK 2012

Hair Shoot   – BABAK Photo 2013

Pop Art

Andy Warhol  - Pop Art inspired  collection for NAHA Awards  - Photo BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2012

Pop Art inspired collection shot for the NAHA Awards – Photo BABAK


Hong Kong

Portrait of an old asian women on streets of  Hong Kong - Photography BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2011

I shot her with natural light in the door way of an old  alleyway near Hong Kong. She was sitting with her friends , They called me ” Little Bastard ” I think they knew I had the shot before I did !   A BABAK Photo 2011

The Kiss

2 Dead birds kissing in salt lake city

Photo © BABAK 2011

On set today  – I still say ur too young to fall in love tonight !

A BABAK Photo 2011  – this one used  the f 11 on my lenz !


Fish with girl 2011 - Photography BABAK for sale print

Photo © BABAK

” Fish Bone”  2011 – A Babak photo – Print for sale


One tree standing alone one small island

Photo © BABAK 2011

Shot on film a few  years back [ 1995 ] – A singles tree on an island in northern Ontario. Is it still standing ? are you out there ?   Photo BABAK

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris France

Eiffel Tower By Babak 2010

Eiffel Tower just after a transatlantic flight, a walk up  the tower and about 100 jump shots on the 1st level. A Babak photo 2010 – vertical or horizontal format.


Print for sale collection Babak

Photography © BABAK 2010

For sale collection – Shot while taking a break at a Fashion Hair shoot  at the studio   –  Model: Kate Eaton A Babak Photo 2010, for more pictures of girls visit, where you could find more nude photos online.