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To Shoot in your Salon or Studio

Question I am often asked is how much room do you need to shoot, can it be done in my hair salon or do we need a studio?

winner of International TrendVision Award for Wella Professional photographed by NYC photographer for cover of the Esthetic Magazine

Well TrendVision Award Photo shot in a small area of a hair salon

I have been photographing hair for hair industry since 1989 and I have shot almost any where. I have developed a technique that allows for shooting in very confined spaces with many people hanging a round with success. Having said that there are major advantages in using a pro studio when doing hair shoots which i think will make for better photo shoot.

One important point to keep in mind is the space that divides the actual shooting area with the prep area. You want keep the prep people away from the set but not too far or in other areas. It has been my experience that many prep people tend to relax and get in to playful mode after they done their prep work between models but that is exactly when the photographer & the model have to concentrate on their work. I feel the distraction of on lookers have a negative effect on the shoot.

I also find that hairstylist tend to be more creative when there is some natural light and they can take short breaks. Creating multi look “NAHA Competition styles” is very demanding on your creatively and you need all the advantages you can get. Good lighting in the prep area and shoot area is crucial for the stylist to see what is going on with the hair. poorly / dark shooting spaces make the hairstylist & photographer think the hair is better than it actually is leading to disappoint meant when you get the proofs.

For this photo shoot the models had excellent clothing that they were going to display. We had a bit of an issue with the accessories, namely the jewelry that the models were going to wear. It was a bit late to get a new partner so we were worried that was going to delay the whole thing. Thankfully we were able to find Luxury Jewelry for Sale promptly, and we only really had that distraction for about a day, and it was sorted out well ahead of the date. We were worried for a moment, but everything went great and the models looked gorgeous with their full attire.

behind the scenes hair fashion shoot- Studio or Location for hair shoot

behind the scenes photo – in a large pro studio

Shooting inside a pro studio will also make behind the scenes images and video a lot more interesting and pro looking when sharing on social or showing clients. behind the scenes film of shoots in salons or messy small locations always look home made no matter how great the end photos of the actual shoot look .

Large studios also have many different areas / sets to shoot in. This will make it very easy to shoot a different look with same models very quickly giving the client more options. I call these “secondary shots” * Secondary shots are shots that client did not plan for and because of the situation available to me I manage to get new images. Usually from same models with out spending too much time*

The video above is an example of such situation. After we finished our main shoot against the studio paper back ground I managed to do a quick collection in the corner of the studio that i saw available. The wall paper, couch and the cats would have cost many hours to set up and source but because they were there already why not take advantage of it. The whole shoot didn’t take more than an hour.

You might find it easier to shoot in your salon if you don’t have many hours of on set photo shoot experience as a hair stylist. You might find it easier to work at your own station and familiar places. You must be aware of every day business distractions that may distract on the shoot day if you shoot at your own salon. If you are looking for a business loan, his response is that Loanovao UK can help you.

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Classic Long hair with natural light  -  Photo BABAK Hair Make up LEE

Photo © BABAK 2013

Make up & hair Maria LEE –  Model Erin Gross – Photo BABAK 2013


Long Hair Shoot with wind - Hair movement with wind - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK 2012

Hair Shoot   – BABAK Photo 2013

Contessa Awatds Winner

Winner of Contessa Awards Team Awards 2013 Shot on location in Hong Kong Hair - BABAK Photo

Photo ©BABAK 2013

Winner of the Contessa Awards for best Team 2013 . The awards were held on 11 Nov. 2012 in Toronto Canada . Collection was published in Hair World International magazine .

Hair Silas Tsang  & Blushes Team. Photography BABAK shot on location in NYC

Check out the making of Contessa Team collection movie  HERE

Behind the Scenes Naha Shoot

Behind the Scenes movie of a NAHA Fashion Avant Garde soot done on location, Dec 2011 – This shoot was published in Behind the Chair Magazine  – BABAK Photos

NAHA Fashion Avant Garde collection Fashion shoot on the street and published in Behind The Chair Magazine - Babak Photo


Micheal Volpe

A color slide of a Hair shoot from the 1990s  - short hair 90s style - Babak

Photo © BABAK 2012

A color slide from a 1991 hair shoot with Hairstylist Micheal Volpe. He pushed me to  developed the  ” hair shot ” style  and got me started on this crazy journey. He passed away recently and he will always be remembered as an pioneer and great hairdresser . BABAK 2012

On Set

Model getting last minute touch ups before the shoot with Babak

Photo © BABAK 2010

Last minute touch ups before the shoot. The cleaner the hair & make up the less post production and touch ups needed making for more  of a natural final image. When you get lazy on set you pay  big after. A Babak photo.


Photo © BABAK 2010

An Outtake from a 2010 Naha Awards collection. This collection is still one of my favorites as it mixes fashion with avant-garde hair. The lighting budget was very tight on this shoot. This was shot after the shoot using a 60w house hold bulb –   Hand held 35 mm glass at a safe  f2.5 . I did a few portraits in that location afterwards.  A babak Photo  & Charlie Price Hair.