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Intercoiffure NYC

Asian Model with Short Black hair and mask make up  back stage at the Intercoiffure_NYC_ Show Photographed by BABAK NYC GAshion Photographer

I shot This model Back stage right before she went on stage at Intercoiffure NYC 2017 – I find the energy and the grungy light back stage makes for very iconic photographs with good stories for future generations. Some times back stage is the stage. This was Van Michael Salon team presentation model at the Show.
I like to Thanks the Intercoiffure for presenting me with the Presidents awards at the show – much appreciated – Photo BABAk With very high iso and low shutter speed

Premiere Orlando

Photo © Photography BABAK Inc 2010

Me and model going up next to a poster I shot.

I knew this would make a interesting  photo when i saw the size and the placement of the banner, so I asked Felix to take position a cross the floor he then  arm him self with the 70 -200 mm and wait for us to come up the escalator . We had to do this ride   3-4  times to get the escalator empty on a busy show day. Needles to say we got a lot of looks from people attending the busy show since no one could see  Felix’s positioned were wondering what the hell we were doing . With me  and the model in the photo the size of the poster is more dramatized.

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