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Too fast

Babak  135 mm lens and legs

Photo © BABAK 2011

” Too Fast For Love ” 2011  BABAK Photo NYC

Plastic Angels

Top less model standing at the door way  - wearing  pantyhose and leggings

Photo © Babak 2010

Some shots for the money, some for the fun, some to test the glass or for remembering it the next day – Some you wanna forget and some will remain one of your favorites  .

A Babak Photo Shot with mixed light – 50 mm glass wide open & loud with model Amber Van Zitamore


Photo © BABAK 2010

An Outtake from a 2010 Naha Awards collection. This collection is still one of my favorites as it mixes fashion with avant-garde hair. The lighting budget was very tight on this shoot. This was shot after the shoot using a 60w house hold bulb –   Hand held 35 mm glass at a safe  f2.5 . I did a few portraits in that location afterwards.  A babak Photo  & Charlie Price Hair.


Photo © BABAK 2010

A babak photo 2010 –


Photo © BABAK

We stopped our fashion photo shoot today so the model could feed his snake pet. It made for a nice break and a quick photo opportunity .

I used  a 135 mm lens with a extender to get this close up shot. The extender  is added between the lens and the body , has no glass in it and lets you move closer to the subject while still maintaining the focus. It is some times confused with a teleconverter or a doubler which is used to increase the focal length of a lens usually for far a way subjects . A Babak Photo 2010

NYC Fashion Week

Photos © BABAK 2020

Photos © BABAK 2020

Images from the New York City Fashion Week 2010 –  Fore more images check out my Face Book page here  – NYC Fashion Week Photos BABAK

Photography BABAK –  Isaac Mizrahi and Jill Stuart collection


Kelleth_BabakA quick take from tonight s  photo shoot – 45 mm glass with all wrong lights  and focus  in the studio!  Model : Kelleth Cuthbert – Hair : Amy Hair Photo BABAK