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789 Km

Model in red laying  the roof of Limo / car  - Photo BABAK
Photo © BABAK 2012 –


789 Km- Model on car –  Some times you  can’t carry every thing in ur carry on!

BABAK Photo 2012


Santa Monica

Shot out of the window of the Limo on the way to Santa monica california at high shutter speed


55 mph, busted shut window,fisheye & white lines passing by !  Babak Photo

Self Portrait

Photographer BABAK does a self portrait standing on the roof of a limo at the airport

Photo © BABAK 2011

Timing my self portraits today at the airport so I could have a Boeing 777 in the shot with me. Remember you have to tip your driver double if you are going to stand on the roof of his car !

1/1600 at f 5.0 on 15 mm glass.