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Beauty  Head shot using one canon flash & 70-200 mm lens - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK 2013


One light Beauty Shot with Christabel  – Photo BABAK  [ f2.8  iso 1000 ]

Fashion TV

A clip from an old Fashion TV segment that was covering my photo shoot and was aired a few times on TV. Below are the final shots from the shoot that were published in a Toronto fashion magazine.   Photography BABAK

Silver Makeup / Avant Garde

White Queen , Powder face make up


Photo © BABAK 2010

A shoot with Sharon Toxic-Vision clothing &  model Hayley Campbell at the studio. Makeup & hair Elena Pacienza . I used strobes for this one, 1 soft box for the model and 2 lights on the back wall to get it  a bit cleaner but still have the rawness feel to it.  A BABAK photo 2010


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

“It’s a hot night, the natives are restless – We’re shooting by the light of the moon “


Photo ©BABAK  2009

Photo ©BABAK 2009

A quick working demo from a shoot I am doing right now in the studio. I think we are on 45 mm in this one, let me check -yes at f 4.5 .  Make up by Nellie Carnahan