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Model in the cab on the way to the Photo shoot with Babak

Photo © BABAK 2011

I photographed model  Victoria Vachtchouk in the back seat  while on route to a different location on our  Paris night shoot. It was a relatively cold night and she was wearing some ones coat over her shoot clothes. The car was moving fast through  streets of Paris  and I could feel a shot there some where in the back seat.  There is a slight blur on the photo which I think shows how pumped and rushed I was.  A Babak Photo 2010 Paris – [Dangerous ] 1/13 second at f 2.0 35 mm glass.

he rest od this shoot including a ” the making of Video ” can be seen here :

behind the scenes - babak photo shoot

Photo © Babak 2011

I don’t know why i have flash attached to my camera, but here is a behind the scenes shot of the above portrait shot on the side arm . Babak photo 2010


Pack of crushed  Marlboro cigarette on the streets

Photo © BABAK

Crushed pack of Marlboro on the streets of NYC –  shot on my night walk.  1/100 of second at f 2.0 – A mixture of  small flash light and street light  – A babak Photo 2010


Wall street Bull in NYC  FIDI area at night

Photo © BABAK

Midnight Rodeo in NYC 2010 – A quick fun ” tourist ” shot while coming back from dinner  with my good friend Anastasia Si


photo ©  BABAK 2010

photo © BABAK 2010

Man on street New York 2010. I used the light from an empty store to light the portrait. 1/30 s at 1.4  35 mm glass. babak photo 2010