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Bring your own chair day

Man with his own chair in rush hour in a NYC Subway train , photographed by NYC Street Photographer BABAk

I photographed this image while I was going to a hair fashion shoot in NYC. I always carry a camera some where that is easily accessible. Camera in a bag is pretty much useless for street photography because by the time you pull it out and turn it on the moment is long gone. Street Photography is all about seeing things that are going to happen and be ready for them.
Photo BABAk

Waiting at Union Square

Soldier Waiting at union Square - NYC street Photography Color  BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK

Man waiting at Union Square – BABAK Photo  2013


Red Ball on Q train Tracks NYC Subway / Street Photo BABAK

Photo BABAK 2013

Red ballon Q train tracks at Union Square NYC – BABAK Photo 2013

Cut Coat

Cut in Half coat on tracks in NYC subway station  - BABAK Street Photography
             Photo © BABAK 2013

Cut in half coat on Subway  tracks – NYC 2013  BABAK Photo


workers power washing subway station at 96th street NYC - BABAK Photographer

Babak Photo

96 th street power wash  – BABAK Photo