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Waiting at Union Square

Soldier Waiting at union Square - NYC street Photography Color  BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK

Man waiting at Union Square – BABAK Photo  2013

14th Street man

Man crossing 14th street in NYC rain storm - Black and white Street photography

Photo © BABAK

Crossing 14th Street in the rain – BABAK Photo Nov. 2013


Street portrait of NYC Artist named O - BABAK Street Photography

Photo © BABAK 2012

Street Portrait of NYC artist named ” O”  – BABAK Photo 2012

Vince Neil

Vince Neil  Singer of  American Rock band Mötley Crüe live on stage in Las Vegas - Babak Photo

Photo © BABAK 2012

Vince Neil  with Mötley Crüe live in Las Vegas  Feb 2012  – Photo BABAk  

The Box

Man in office shot from adjacent office building in Toronto while on corporate assignment - BABAK

Man in office shot from an adjacent office building while on corporate assignment in Toronto.  A BABAK Photo 2012

Las Vegas

Pool Side for the NAHA Awards Las Vegas

Photo ©BABAK

Summer of 2011   Las Vegas  – Photo BABAK

Street Portrait

Portrait of man on streets of London compared to a BABAK Hair Shoot

Photo BABAK © 2006

Shot on Streets of London England back in the March of 2006 – Never think why you are shooting something, just shoot it and may be one day you  find out why you did it ! Photo BABAK 2006

The Kiss

2 Dead birds kissing in salt lake city

Photo © BABAK 2011

On set today  – I still say ur too young to fall in love tonight !

A BABAK Photo 2011  – this one used  the f 11 on my lenz !

Mötley Crüe


Vince Neil - Mötley Crüe  Live in Toronto 2011 - Babak Rock Photo


I see music and hearing photographs and at a Mötley Crüe concert you see all that fcuked up color, distorted and bent lights coming from the guitars – I think the right combination of  chords can do something special to the light that no soft box can do for you. Nothing beats looking through the viewfinder, it’s like putting on the headphones and turning the volume nub to about 11 or so but looking at the life a in back of the camera comes a close second.

If it’s not worth shooting it not worth looking at and if its that great that needs to seen by the others then it should be shot by someone that can transcend that greatness to the audience that wasn’t there.


Did I hear it or see it first? I hear nothing!  It gets fun when you get to predict what you are going to see next, then its when you get terrified, terrified because you know someone is going to step  on set to touch the hair or clothes or say something dumb to the model and distract the moment for ever —  wait we are at the concert, well same shit  happens every where. On the plane for a wing shot, on the street, in the cab when you see an amazing moment of light [ thats when you are at the stop light and you see a shot out side your window lined up perfect, it happens all the time now !]  then  the driver decides to move forward and it all ruined  – why do they always do that?  Its always better to get the content or emotion feel right than to get the perfect technical images that says nothing.


People always ask what lens, what soft box, what guitar & what amp you are using. who cares  ” its all same shit ” but what ever you do  make sure you can play all your images on an acoustic guitar on some street corner  anywhere  – you will not always have the main stage and all the lights.

Here are some personal photos I did at the show – I like the sound of them – Babak Photos 2011

Even too fcu-king loud for Sixx! ? MötleyCrüe live concert - Rock Photo BABAKMick Mars - Guitars for Mötley Crüe Live Concert Photography BABAKNikki Sixx Mötley Crüe Live - Rock Photo BABAk


Fish with girl 2011 - Photography BABAK for sale print

Photo © BABAK

” Fish Bone”  2011 – A Babak photo – Print for sale


Nyc Street photography  - babak

Photo © BABAK 2011

A shot  from one of my walk abouts  – Photo BABAK

Wendy Cecil

Wendy M. Cecil was installed as Victoria's 13th Chancellor on Oct. 13, 2010.

Photo © BABAK

Wendy Cecil Victoria’s 13th Chancellor photographed on the grounds of the university. A Babak photo 2010


After our main shoot for the cover of Modern Salon Magazine, we selected 2 models rented a van and hit the Paris streets for another set of photos that were published in Estetica USA Magazine. Weather was cold that night – i tried to keep up the energy our team rocked.

Paris Night Photo shoot with BABAK for Estitica

Photos © BABAK 2011 - Paris Night Street shoot

Credits :
Photography BABAK
Video: Felix NG

Hair: Dimitrios Tsioumas, Goldwell International Guest Artist, Creative Color Director at Mizu New York. Assisted by John C. Simpson, Goldwell International Guest Artist
Photography: Babak
Make-up: Dragan Vurdelja
Fashion: Xenia Bous

Contessa Awards

Model on stage at the contessa Hair awards in TorontoStage Show / model at the Contessa Hair Awards

Contessa Awards - Toronto Photography BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2010

A few shots that I did from the stage performance at the Contessa Awards  [ Hair styling  awards show ] in Toronto. I was not covering this show but the great production and styles made me fire a few shots . Babak Photos


Demolition site

Photo © BABAK

This photo was made today [ Friday Nov. 19 – 2010 ]  on the way to the studio. Pro Green Construction company is taking out old cement silos – Note  you can see  the CN tour at the bottom of the photo.

A babak Photo 2010


Fashion Photo Shoot

Photo © BABAK 2010

I shot This collection in a very dark club where I had trouble seeing the set and the models from the distance I had to fire to get the whole set in using a 85mm glass. The set is lit using 3 lights including a Profoto 7b. Fun fact of the day was that I asked for bags of peat moss to be spread on the floor not realizing that it would make the whole place smell very farm like. Thanks to a great team on this set .A  Charlie Price and the TIGI Hair  BABAK Photo.

Babak behind the scenes Fashion photo Shoot

babak on set

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris France

Eiffel Tower By Babak 2010

Eiffel Tower just after a transatlantic flight, a walk up  the tower and about 100 jump shots on the 1st level. A Babak photo 2010 – vertical or horizontal format.


Print for sale collection Babak

Photography © BABAK 2010

For sale collection – Shot while taking a break at a Fashion Hair shoot  at the studio   –  Model: Kate Eaton A Babak Photo 2010, for more pictures of girls visit, where you could find more nude photos online.


David Naylor President of University of Toronto

Photo © BABAK 2010

Professor David Naylor, President University of Toronto Sept 22 – 2010 at his home. Using a mixture of  back lit soft window light, bounced around sunlight & indoor tungsten bulbs. 1/30 at f 2.8  70-200 glass.

Babak Photo 2010

John Corabi

Photo © BABAK 2010

John Corabi  in Live in Toronto –  August 4th 2010  – Great show. Band sounded very tight . He  did some work as the lead singer with Motley Crue back in 1992 –  – A Babak Photo  1/50 s at 2.8


Photo © BABAK 2010

A babak photo 2010 –

Cj Sleez

CJ Sleez By BABAK July 2010

Photo © BABAK 2010

A Take from a photo shoot with CJ Sleez, one of my favorite Punk Rock singers. A BABAK Photo 2010

Junk Plane

Photo © BABAK 2010

Today on the way back from a shoot out of town, on a high way that I haven’t been on for years, saw this plane abandoned on the side of the road – I stopped and took a shot in a very wrong light ” tourist light ” *  I call it –  Planes seem to be in my travels even though i am on the high way in a suv.  A Babak Photo 2010

* [ the kinda of light that is there when you happen to arrive  your camera in hand . Post production can always buzz the image into something that is worth looking at but no amount of photoshop & post beats a well thought out image ]

Oil Spill

Photo © BABAK 2010

Got my 50 mm 1.2 back from a 3 week long repairs  yesterday – in time for this quick shot at the studio. All the news about the BP and the oil spill in the gulf made us do an ” Oil Spill ” Parody.  *Please Don’t Spill Oil !  A Babak Photo 2010

Many Miles Away

Photo © BABAK 2010

Many miles away – A BABAK Photo 2010, Natural light  late in the day.


Photo © BABAK 2010

Welcome to the new future , Junk every thing. Babak Photo 2010


FoodWe are done & when you are done  its just garbage ! A Babak Photo 2010 [ side arm set on 1/60 2.8  & flash ]


Photo © BABAK 2010

Photo © BABAK 2010

One of many photographers / on lookers out side Bryant Park for the NYC Fashion week. This was the last year this event is being held at this location. Next show will be at Lincoln Center.  1/250s at 1.4 natural light. Babak Photo 2010.


Photo © BABAK

Photo © BABAK

Outtake from a shoot for the NAHA Awards. Shot on a while cove with one light  – Hair : Daniel Roldan


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

“It’s a hot night, the natives are restless – We’re shooting by the light of the moon “


Kelleth_BabakA quick take from tonight s  photo shoot – 45 mm glass with all wrong lights  and focus  in the studio!  Model : Kelleth Cuthbert – Hair : Amy Hair Photo BABAK


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

Sunday or was it Saturday night antics at the studio. Some  say all you need is love, i say all u need is a camera.  A great model helps too !

Shot with studio strobes – note the blur on foot due to  some strobes set on longer flash duration setting. This is one photo and not a composite. Jumps shots are about capturing a moment in time, 2 peoples sense of  time coming together in one shot!

i Kick

Photo © BABAK

No, I am not driving! You never know when a Kick moment comes up , part of my " i kick " collection. 1/125 in heavy traffic . Photo © BABAK


BA006914This was shot just a few minutes before the Toronto August Storm. Photography © BABAK