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Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon icon of hairdressing & creator of the Bob hair cut - babak photo

Photo © BABAK 2011

Vidal Sassoon Icon of hairdressing.  abs Chicago 2011  – Photo BABAK


Portrait of a Motley  Crue Fan at  the after party in Las Vegas - Photo BABAK


If the band is cool enough to shoot why not shoot the fans too – why not shoot everything – one time !  Nikki F at Motley Crue after party Las Vegas 2012 – BABAK Photo


natural light candid  portrait at dinner in Salt Lake city Utah after a naha hair shoot


Ashley in the only open diner in Salt Lake City that night after the shoot  – Last drive last shot . A BABAK Photo

Hong Kong

Portrait of an old asian women on streets of  Hong Kong - Photography BABAK

Photo © BABAK 2011

I shot her with natural light in the door way of an old  alleyway near Hong Kong. She was sitting with her friends , They called me ” Little Bastard ” I think they knew I had the shot before I did !   A BABAK Photo 2011

Houston St

Man on Houston street in the rain nyc  - Babak Photo

Photo g BABAK

A night street portrait of passer by in a cold rainy september night   1/40 at f 1.4  A BABAK Photo


NYC Street Photography Man on street with arm extended  - BABAK

Photo © BABAK

Man on street – NYC  2011  – Shot at 1/1000 s at f 3.2  A Babak  photo



Man at Cafe

Black And white portrait of am French man at a Paris Cafe -  Candid Street Photography

Photo © BABAK Paris 2010

This is one of those times  that I could see the shot as soon as I walked in to this cafe. I Just had to make sure no one or nothing destroyed the moment. I like to have some connection with faces I shoot,  find out who and why they are but some times you dont want to mess up the moment and  you shoot the face and make up the story in your head.

A BABAK Photo  – Paris 2010 – f1.6 – 1/400  50 mm glass  TriX 400 Film

Tai O Portrait

Portrait of man at Tai O Village Hong Kong  - Babak Photographer

Photo © BABAK 2011

From Las Vegas to hong Kong  – I photographed  this man out side a hair salon of all places in a small fishing village out side Hong Kong. He used to be an engineer on steam ships. Felix and him had a beer I had ice tea we fired some shots of us and went our separate ways. People and  faces always make my day . This one is shot on a 15 mm at 2.8 on my Si-M  camera at close  range.



Natural light portrait with 24 mm 1.4 in bright sunlight at sea - Babak Photo

Photo © BABAK

Some rules you  follow and some rules you break then  when you get to make the laws you break All the rules !  Photo shot with 24 mm 1.4  because when you are crossing the ocean in a small boat you really don’t need a long lens. A Babak Photo 2011

Wendy Cecil

Wendy M. Cecil was installed as Victoria's 13th Chancellor on Oct. 13, 2010.

Photo © BABAK

Wendy Cecil Victoria’s 13th Chancellor photographed on the grounds of the university. A Babak photo 2010

Tim Hudak

Tim Hudak is  a politician in Ontario, Canada, and the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Photo © 2010 BABAK

I photographed Tim Hudak in his office  a while back. He was very easy going and comfortable in front of the camera which made for a very creative and enjoyable photo shoot.   A Babak Photo 2010



David Naylor President of University of Toronto

Photo © BABAK 2010

Professor David Naylor, President University of Toronto Sept 22 – 2010 at his home. Using a mixture of  back lit soft window light, bounced around sunlight & indoor tungsten bulbs. 1/30 at f 2.8  70-200 glass.

Babak Photo 2010


photo © BABAK  2010

photo © BABAK 2010

Street portrait NYC  March 2010  –  Babak photo .


Photo © BABAK 2010

Photo © BABAK 2010

One of many photographers / on lookers out side Bryant Park for the NYC Fashion week. This was the last year this event is being held at this location. Next show will be at Lincoln Center.  1/250s at 1.4 natural light. Babak Photo 2010.


photo ©  BABAK 2010

photo © BABAK 2010

Man on street New York 2010. I used the light from an empty store to light the portrait. 1/30 s at 1.4  35 mm glass. babak photo 2010


Kelleth_BabakA quick take from tonight s  photo shoot – 45 mm glass with all wrong lights  and focus  in the studio!  Model : Kelleth Cuthbert – Hair : Amy Hair Photo BABAK


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

One light , one model, one camera!