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Shadow Photo of A Delta Air lines Md-88 Taking off from Atlanta Airport  BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK 2014

Self portrait – MD-88 Take off from Atlanta –  BABAK Photo

Done with Shadows

Done with Shadows - Tall shadows on Basket ball court - self portrait Photographer

Photo © BABAK 2013

Self portrait at out door Basket Ball court – Done with Shadows 2013 BABAK photo

Self Portrait

Photographer BABAK does a self portrait standing on the roof of a limo at the airport

Photo © BABAK 2011

Timing my self portraits today at the airport so I could have a Boeing 777 in the shot with me. Remember you have to tip your driver double if you are going to stand on the roof of his car !

1/1600 at f 5.0 on 15 mm glass.


Babak photographer on set Self Portrait

Babak Self portrait

Self portrait  with profoto d4 at the end of a long shoot –  Babak 2011


Babak Photographer Self portrait Babakca

Self Portrait - BABAK Photo 2011

Self portrait in my friends apartment in Chelsea NYC – This place has a very  real 1970s feel & energy .  Babak Photo


Naha Tribute Journal Babak advertising

Photo © BABAK 2010

Congratulatory  advertisement in the Naha [ North American Hairstyling Awards] Tribute Journal that was handed out to audience at night of the awards in Las Vegas.


self portrait 2010 NYC © BAbak

self portrait 2010 NYC © BAbak

The green sign to the right says : ” One is a company , 2 is a crowd and 3 is a party”   Street photo – Babak 2010