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NAHA Awards Winner

NAHA Awards Classic collection winner - 2012 / 2013 - Photo BABAK

Photo © BABAK

Photo © BABAK

Naha Awards winner – Classic hair published in Hair-world International  –  Images were shot in color and striped of color to show cut and movement.   Model : Leila Ismailli  –  HAir : Dimitrios Tsioumas  – Photo BABAK

Micheal Volpe

A color slide of a Hair shoot from the 1990s  - short hair 90s style - Babak

Photo © BABAK 2012

A color slide from a 1991 hair shoot with Hairstylist Micheal Volpe. He pushed me to  developed the  ” hair shot ” style  and got me started on this crazy journey. He passed away recently and he will always be remembered as an pioneer and great hairdresser . BABAK 2012