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Houston St

Man on Houston street in the rain nyc  - Babak Photo

Photo g BABAK

A night street portrait of passer by in a cold rainy september night   1/40 at f 1.4  A BABAK Photo


Nyc Street photography  - babak

Photo © BABAK 2011

A shot  from one of my walk abouts  – Photo BABAK


Egypt in the news

Photography © BABAK 2011

A grab shot from streets of LA

Photography BABAK


Wall street Bull in NYC  FIDI area at night

Photo © BABAK

Midnight Rodeo in NYC 2010 – A quick fun ” tourist ” shot while coming back from dinner  with my good friend Anastasia Si


photo © BABAK  2010

photo © BABAK 2010

Street portrait NYC  March 2010  –  Babak photo .


Photo © BABAK 2010

Photo © BABAK 2010

One of many photographers / on lookers out side Bryant Park for the NYC Fashion week. This was the last year this event is being held at this location. Next show will be at Lincoln Center.  1/250s at 1.4 natural light. Babak Photo 2010.


photo ©  BABAK 2010

photo © BABAK 2010

Man on street New York 2010. I used the light from an empty store to light the portrait. 1/30 s at 1.4  35 mm glass. babak photo 2010

One Time

Photo © BABAK  Jan 24 2010

Photo © BABAK Jan 24 2010

A shot I saw today while driving in the rain.  Am I the only one that see a sad face in this photograph?   A Babak Photo 45mm glass  1/100 at f2.8 non photoshop .

“Too many things were said  to ever make it feel like yesterday did” motley crue .

where u are

Photo © BABAk

Photo © BABAk

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NYC get a way – Dec. 12-2009.


Photo © BABAK 09

Photo © BABAK 09


BA006914This was shot just a few minutes before the Toronto August Storm. Photography © BABAK