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Dupont Street

Old Store Front In Toronto - Dupont Street & Ossington Photographed by Toronto Photographer BABAK
Winter survival in the city.  Toronto -15c  a few days after a snow fall –  Dupont Street & Ossington Av BABAK Photo


ection I photographed for NAHA HAir dressing Awards / Competition BABAK Photo

Photo BABAK 2013

NAHA Awards Hair collection Published work – BABAK Photos

Contessa Awatds Winner

Winner of Contessa Awards Team Awards 2013 Shot on location in Hong Kong Hair - BABAK Photo

Photo ©BABAK 2013

Winner of the Contessa Awards for best Team 2013 . The awards were held on 11 Nov. 2012 in Toronto Canada . Collection was published in Hair World International magazine .

Hair Silas Tsang  & Blushes Team. Photography BABAK shot on location in NYC

Check out the making of Contessa Team collection movie  HERE


Toronto Photographed from the air - Wing Shot of Toronto  - BABAK
Photo © BBAK

Wingshot over Toronto June 2012 – Photo BABAK  [MCO-YYZ]

Plastic Angels

Top less model standing at the door way  - wearing  pantyhose and leggings

Photo © Babak 2010

Some shots for the money, some for the fun, some to test the glass or for remembering it the next day – Some you wanna forget and some will remain one of your favorites  .

A Babak Photo Shot with mixed light – 50 mm glass wide open & loud with model Amber Van Zitamore


Natural light portrait with 24 mm 1.4 in bright sunlight at sea - Babak Photo

Photo © BABAK

Some rules you  follow and some rules you break then  when you get to make the laws you break All the rules !  Photo shot with 24 mm 1.4  because when you are crossing the ocean in a small boat you really don’t need a long lens. A Babak Photo 2011

Mötley Crüe


Vince Neil - Mötley Crüe  Live in Toronto 2011 - Babak Rock Photo


I see music and hearing photographs and at a Mötley Crüe concert you see all that fcuked up color, distorted and bent lights coming from the guitars – I think the right combination of  chords can do something special to the light that no soft box can do for you. Nothing beats looking through the viewfinder, it’s like putting on the headphones and turning the volume nub to about 11 or so but looking at the life a in back of the camera comes a close second.

If it’s not worth shooting it not worth looking at and if its that great that needs to seen by the others then it should be shot by someone that can transcend that greatness to the audience that wasn’t there.


Did I hear it or see it first? I hear nothing!  It gets fun when you get to predict what you are going to see next, then its when you get terrified, terrified because you know someone is going to step  on set to touch the hair or clothes or say something dumb to the model and distract the moment for ever —  wait we are at the concert, well same shit  happens every where. On the plane for a wing shot, on the street, in the cab when you see an amazing moment of light [ thats when you are at the stop light and you see a shot out side your window lined up perfect, it happens all the time now !]  then  the driver decides to move forward and it all ruined  – why do they always do that?  Its always better to get the content or emotion feel right than to get the perfect technical images that says nothing.


People always ask what lens, what soft box, what guitar & what amp you are using. who cares  ” its all same shit ” but what ever you do  make sure you can play all your images on an acoustic guitar on some street corner  anywhere  – you will not always have the main stage and all the lights.

Here are some personal photos I did at the show – I like the sound of them – Babak Photos 2011

Even too fcu-king loud for Sixx! ? MötleyCrüe live concert - Rock Photo BABAKMick Mars - Guitars for Mötley Crüe Live Concert Photography BABAKNikki Sixx Mötley Crüe Live - Rock Photo BABAk

Wendy Cecil

Wendy M. Cecil was installed as Victoria's 13th Chancellor on Oct. 13, 2010.

Photo © BABAK

Wendy Cecil Victoria’s 13th Chancellor photographed on the grounds of the university. A Babak photo 2010

Fashion TV

A clip from an old Fashion TV segment that was covering my photo shoot and was aired a few times on TV. Below are the final shots from the shoot that were published in a Toronto fashion magazine.   Photography BABAK

Silver Makeup / Avant Garde

White Queen , Powder face make up


Demolition site

Photo © BABAK

This photo was made today [ Friday Nov. 19 – 2010 ]  on the way to the studio. Pro Green Construction company is taking out old cement silos – Note  you can see  the CN tour at the bottom of the photo.

A babak Photo 2010

John Corabi

Photo © BABAK 2010

John Corabi  in Live in Toronto –  August 4th 2010  – Great show. Band sounded very tight . He  did some work as the lead singer with Motley Crue back in 1992 –  – A Babak Photo  1/50 s at 2.8

Cj Sleez

CJ Sleez By BABAK July 2010

Photo © BABAK 2010

A Take from a photo shoot with CJ Sleez, one of my favorite Punk Rock singers. A BABAK Photo 2010


G20 Toronto Photo shoot

Photography © BABAK 2010

The G20  – Toronto  – June 2010  – all the controversy and the  $1.2 billon security expense but just another summer event to be enjoyed.

A quick shoot at the G20 fence area at night. Thanks to the officers I got great perspective, they even recommend me a camera they use, the Promnico police body camera because they saw mine the one i use daily to capture my shoots and places I go, and they told me this is for sale in amazon and this has excellent reviews and HD quality and a lot of features I can actually take advantage. Also the officers helped with the lighting and the local Italian restaurant for lending us the table cloth for us to use as the top for the model ! A babak Photo – Friday June 25 / 2010

One Time

Photo © BABAK  Jan 24 2010

Photo © BABAK Jan 24 2010

A shot I saw today while driving in the rain.  Am I the only one that see a sad face in this photograph?   A Babak Photo 45mm glass  1/100 at f2.8 non photoshop .

“Too many things were said  to ever make it feel like yesterday did” motley crue .


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

One light , one model, one camera!


Photo © BABAK  2009

Photo © BABAK 2009

Sunday or was it Saturday night antics at the studio. Some  say all you need is love, i say all u need is a camera.  A great model helps too !

Shot with studio strobes – note the blur on foot due to  some strobes set on longer flash duration setting. This is one photo and not a composite. Jumps shots are about capturing a moment in time, 2 peoples sense of  time coming together in one shot!


Photography © BABAK

Photography © BABAK


BA006914This was shot just a few minutes before the Toronto August Storm. Photography © BABAK