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Hudson River

Wing Shot crossing frozen Hudson River in winter from Airbus 321 Photo by NYC Photographer BABAK  on Leica Camera with 35 mm lens
Crossing the Hudson River after the Bomb cyclone – Heading to Atlanta – Air Bus 321 seat 16A Photo BABAK

New York City

Wing Shot white Taking  off from LGA   Photographed by  BABAK NYC Photographer  using Leica M Camera

Take off from runway 04 LGA New York City. Delta airlines are no longer using the Marine Air Terminal as of Dec. 2017 – This was a great terminal to travel out of, terminal had a very private & small feel to it – will miss it


Shadow Photo of A Delta Air lines Md-88 Taking off from Atlanta Airport  BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK 2014

Self portrait – MD-88 Take off from Atlanta –  BABAK Photo


photo of passenger hand  back lit by airplane  window  at 30,000 feet  - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK

Passenger hand shot by window light at 30,000 feet –  BABAK Photo 2013


Toronto Photographed from the air - Wing Shot of Toronto  - BABAK
Photo © BBAK

Wingshot over Toronto June 2012 – Photo BABAK  [MCO-YYZ]

Window Seat

Wing Shot over Las Vegas From Airbus  _ BABAK Photo Early morning Wing shot over London UK - Shot from Boeing 737  - BABAK Photo Early morning wing shot over London England from Airbus A330 - BABAK Photo Spinning wing shot done by slow shutter speed while the plane is turning - Photo BABAKWing Shot over Toronto yyz , from Boeing 737 - BABAK PhotoWing shots from several tours – BABAK 2012

Wing Shot

Wing shot  from Boeing 757 flight to Atlanta  - BABAK Photo

Photo © BABAK 2012

Wing shot from a Boeing 757 seat 20 F. Babak Photo Jan. 2012


Chicago sky scape /wing shot from car - Photo BABAK photographer

Photo © BABAK

Wing shot from the limo  – Chicago  is passing by !  A BABAK Photo 2011


NYC - New York city from the air  showing the ground zero

Photo © BABAK 11

Bin Laden dead !  The missing towers still remind us how crazy messed up religious men can mess up our life.  A Babak wing shot 2010.

Wing Shot

Wing Shot from Boeing 767 Over Toronto at night

Photo © BABAK

I made this wing shot from a Boeing 767 during a turn to make the final approch to runway 24 at YYZ.  I used a slow 2.5 second shutter speed to show the movement  and the arch of the turn.
35 mm lens  2.5 second at f 8.0 .  Photo BABAK


Wing shot landing at Denver

Photo © BABAK

Always a lot of turbulence on approch to Denver Airport  [DEN] and then it feels like you are landing in the desert . A Babak Photo 2010 on an almost empty Airbus 319


Photo © BABAK 2010

Photo © BABAK 2010

If you don’t get the shot the first time  just ask the pilot to do a go a round!  Aircraft C-FEKJ on final , runway 31 LGA   1/640 s at f 8.0  35 mm  . A BABAK Photo 2010

Wing shots are like  ” anti landscape ” photography. You are moving fast, have a small angle of viwe and cant wait for good light.


Approach on C-FKI  to LGA on runway 31 . Look no wing to block the shot but horizon is non existent in NYC !  Babak 2010